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Essential Holiday Informations

Essential Holiday Informations

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Essential Holiday Informations

Due to the high mineral content of water here in Turkey, we do advise that you drink bottled water. Readily available from hotels, shops and bars. Boiled water for tea and coffee is safe to drink.

The voltage in Turkey is 220 volts AC. Two pin plugs are used, but travel plugs are required.

The plumbing system here in Turkey is not quite as sophisticated as in Europe, so please put all waste paper in the bin provided in your bathroom. Sink Plugs Turkish people believe to clean oneself thoroughly one should use constant running water from the tap, rather than a basin full of water; hence the reason you may sometimes find no plugs.

Mosquitoes are out and about all the time. Mosquito machines for use in your rooms and the necessary repellents are available from most shops and chemists. Doctor Our doctors are on call for our clients 24 hours a day and will either see you at his surgery or visit you at your hotel.
They speak at least one foreign language and have been taking care of clients as Family Medicine Specialists for many years. If you are unwell whilst on holiday or need to see the doctor please advise your representative so they can follow your progress and help you in respect of bills or insurance claims. Chemist Indentified by the sign “ECZANE” or “ECZANES─░” open from 08:00 until 20:00 hours. However, one chemist is always open alternatively all night, weekends and holidays. Late openings are posted on the door of all chemists after normal business hours.

In the centre of the town you will find the Post Office, indicated in Turkey with a large yellow sign reading “P.T.T. or TURK TELEKOM”. Your representative will advise you of the opening hours as these can vary depending on the time of the year. Here you can purchase stamps and make phone calls.
There is a fixed rate for the postage of cards and letters and they should arrive within about 7 days. When calling home of course it is possible to phone from your hotels but please beware of the extra charges you will incur by using this service. (There may also be some language difficulties using the hotel switchboard). The easiest way to make a call is to buy a phone - card.
They come in different denominations depending on how long you wish to spend on the phone. The code for phoning your country is “00” plus your country code and omit the “0” from your area code.
Newspapers - Foreign newspapers are available and are usually 1 day old and can be quite expensive. Otherwise you can buy the Turkish Daily News - an English language newspaper printed in Turkey - it should provide you with basic coverage of world events. Duty Free This includes goods obtained locally (e.g. in shops and supermarkets) in non EEC countries, or goods bought in the airport, duty free shop or on the aircraft.
Essential Holiday Information
Sunbathing Tips Turkey is blessed with glorious sunshine for much of the year. However we adsive caution when it comes to spending too much time in the sun. Sunburn can ruin a great holiday and especially for your first few days there is a risk of burning be it by the pool, on a boat or even just out and about around the town. By following a few simple guidelines you can prevent the dreaded sunburn and go home with a glowing healthy tan.
• A high protection sun cream should always be used for the first few days of your holiday before moving on to lower factors. Those with fair or sensitive skin or young children would be better advised to use it for the whole duration. • It is better not to stay in the sun for more than a couple of hours for the first few days of your holiday. • Avoid sitting in the sun between 12 noon and 15:00 as this is the hottest time of the day. • Never sleep in the sun • Always drink lots of water when in the sun and avoid alcohol as it leads to dehydration. It is advisable for children to wear a hat and t-shirt whenever possible. Security Please ensure your apartment or hotel room door is secured before retiring at night or leaving during the day. If your balcony is accessible from the street or hotel grounds please ensure that it is also secured. Valuables Please do not leave money or valuables in your room. Most hotels offer safety deposit boxes at a small charge and we recommend you make use of this facility. It is also a good idea to keep a separate record of your travellers cheques serial numbers and passport numbers. Food and Drink Stomach upsets on holiday can sometimes happen due to climate changes and unfamiliar foods. The following are a few tips to help you avoid any upsets. • Drink bottled water and not tap water • Avoid fruits which don’t require peeling • Increase your sunbathing time gradually from day to day • Don’t forget that drinking large amounts of alcohol especially in hot climates can upset your stomach too! Foreign Bodies As in all hot countries mosquitos, insects, ants, etc. are common in Turkey. These are usually harmless and are not a sign of your accommodation being unhygienic or dirty. If you come across any such insects please inform reception and they will take the necessary action. Regarding mosquitoes, there are many different repellents and plug-in devices, avaiable in Turkey from all chemists. At the Barbers Gentlemen, it has probably been quite a good few years since you went to a traditional barbers, complete with hot towels, cut throat razors and copious quantities of shaving foam. Here’s your chance to join the locals and experience the Turkish barbers where you’ll get the closest shave of your life. Once all the stubble has gone and your face feels soft and smooth you’ll be liberally doused with lemon cologne. The experience does non stop there! Next the hairs in your ears and nose are singed-don’t worry it is painless. Finally your forehead, temples, neck, shoulders and arms are given a massage that leaves you feeling like a million dollars!
Ladies, why not pamper yourself with a manicure and pedicure from the hairdressers at very reasonable rates. Currency TL (Turkish Lira) Turkish Currency has been changed from YTL (New Turkish Lira) to TL (Turkish Lira)

Updated: 27-05-2016
Author: Adagio Admin