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Think Turkey - Unlimited Blue Skies

Think Turkey - Unlimited Blue Skies

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Think Turkey - Unlimited Blue Skies

Turkey has the longest coastline on the Mediterranean, its crystal clear waters and fine beaches framed by stunning pine-clad mountains.

The Mediterranean coast enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine a year, making holidays to Turkey an ideal choice throughout the year, even for Winter sun.

Water-sports are widely available if you want your Turkish holiday to be an active one and you shouldn't miss a day out on a traditional sailing boat known as a gulet, one of the best ways to soak up the rays and admire the scenery.

Turkey's history is renowned and with ancient temples, theatres and ruined cities scattered along the coast you are sure to be within easy reach of a day-trip back in time.

Another big attraction of your holiday in Turkey will be the friendliness of the locals.Turkish people are very well known for their hospitality and will be sure to give you a warm welcome.

The food is delicious and is always made from fresh, local ingredients.

What's more, Turkey is outside the Euro-zone so compared to other destinations, eating out and shopping are definitely going to represent really good value!.

Created: 17-08-2016
Author: Adagio Admin