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Samos View Villas

Samos View Villas

General Information

Samos View Villas at Soğucak area rental for you. Just make your request and we will contact wih you.

SAMOS VIEW VILLAS were designed and constructed by the same international consortium that built and operate Pine Club, Palmin Hotel ( and Sea Pearl Hotel (
The same high standards of construction and finishing which were employed on these well known developments have also been applied to this project.

SAMOS VIEW VILLAS is by far the most prestigious holiday home development in the Kusadasi or Aegean area. It is intended to appeal to owners who traditionally favoured and enjoyed four star + holiday accommodation and now want a place of their own in the sun without compromising on quality or comfort.

We do not make any predictions in relation to capital appreciation etc of our properties except to say that all over the world it is an acknowledged fact that properties at the top end of the market appreciate in value earlier and faster than lower quality ones. However we hope that purchasers in Samos View will retain and enjoy their villas for a very long time and regard the capital appreciation as an added bonus.

The project is being built at Sogucak, Kusadasi. The site is some 10 km. 
from the centre of Kusadasi, 1km from Long Beach, 2km from Sogucak village, 3km from Davutlar and 8km from Guzelcamli and the national park. Samos View is only 500 metres from Pine Club.
The entrance is directly on the Sogucak road which enjoys an all year round dolmus service to the beach and to Kusadasi.
In summer a dolmus passes every 5 minutes or so. There are a number of bars and cafes in the immediate area and Kusadasi, Davutlar and Guzelcamli are easily accessible by dolmus, taxi or car.
There are a number of smaller shops and markets in the immediate vicinity and a couple of larger supermarkets within a 5 minute dolmus drive.

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